The Suites at Savan Resorts

Experience the good life at The Suites, offering delicious hearty meals and daily specials.Treat the family to a taste of land paradise straight from the chefs of The Suites at Savan Reosorts.

Offers a modern take on traditional cuisine that delights diners with a number of innovative, unexpected touches. A sophisticated gastronomic experience that will surprise diners on account of its seasonal classics upgraded with an inventive twist. Never disappoints and is the perfect spot for a delicious dinner, a quick lunch or a mouth watering snack

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  • Address:
    • Nongdeune Village, Kaisonephomvihan District, Savannakhet Provicne, Lao P.D.R
  • Tel:
    • Laos: +856 41 252 232
    • Thai: +66 951 876 197

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